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The MA850 is a member of the long line of Knoll multichannel amplifiers. Designed primarily for the custom install industry, it is used to power speakers with different or similar sources in multiple rooms. With eight channels rated at 50 watts per channels at 8 ohms, the MA850 packs some serious punch. Each channel has a gain control. The MA850 can be turned on and off via the front panel power switch or via the 12 VDC trigger. MA850 channels 3-8 can be linked to channel 1- 2 individually using the link switches. MA850 amplifiers designed to meet the amplifier needs of custom installed systems where highquality sound is a specific requirement.

Key Features:

1.Size efficiency. The MA850 consists of a total of 8 power amplifiers in one 3-1/2” high enclosure. Each power amplifier channel can deliver 50 watts RMS into an 8-ohm load.

2.Automatic protection circuitry. Each MA850 channel is individually and fully protected against low impedance, overheating, overloading, overvoltage and undervoltage. The protection circuitry automatically restores the amplifier channel as soon as its parameter returns to the safe operating area.

3.Individual input gain adjustment. Each channel features an input gain adjustment pot to adjust each channel for gain and speaker sensitivity variations. The gain adjustments are on the rear of the MA850 so installers normally set the gain.

4.External power on/off. The MA850 can be turned off and on by external controllers. To activate external power on, apply a 12 VDC current to the trigger jack (the MA850 power switch is in the off position for external power control).

5.Stackable 17" chassis.

6.Link Feature. Certain installations require that some or all of the stereo channels play the same content. Instead of using Y cords, "link" cascades any or all of channels 2-4 to channel 1 (l/r).